Indian Cuisine

Chicken Biryani

Boneless chicken cooked with kharamasala basmati rice, mint and cordiander leaves.

54.05 SR

Shrimps Biryani

Prawns indian masala cooked with onion tomato gravy and mint flavor.

74.75 SR

Mutton Biryani

Lamb cubes cooked with indian gravy saffron green cardamom fried onion and mint on top.

74.75 SR

Fried Fish Fillet

Fried Hammour on the indian style with mint sauce.

86.25 SR

Mix veg

Mix vegetables cooked with tomato gravy indian masala flavor julienne ginger on top.

28.75 SR

Paneer butter masala

Thick makkani gravy fried cheese based onion tomato gravy chop coriander on top.


Binjara mutton masala

Lamb cubes cooked indian khara masala, sprinkle on the top spring onion.

66.7 SR

Prawns khadhi masala

Grilled shrimp cooked with khadhi granvy coconut flavour, red chilly coriander seeds.

74.75 SR

Murgh rara mugali

Chicek cooked with cashew nut, gravy light brown colour fresh cream on top.

51.75 SR

Murgh tikka masala

Grilled chicken tikka cooked onion, tomato, gravy julien ginger corriender leaves on top.

52.9 SR

Murgh Pasanda

Chicken cooked with white gravy cremy taste.

54.05 SR

Mutgh Makhani

Chicken grilled on charcoal mixed with makhanki gravy seet & sour cream on top.

54.05 SR

Veg Raita

Chopped onion cucumber tomato with yoghurt cumonun flavor.

19.55 SR

Mutton rara

Minced lamb and lamb cuves cooked with indian masala.

66.7 SR

Handi Murgh Korma

Grilled chicken with almonds and onions with fresh cream.

54.05 SR

Fish tikka Lababdar

Grilled hamour cooked with onion tomato cashew nut, gravy ligh creamy texture.

63.25 SR