Hot appetizers

Chicken wings

Chichen wings marinated in virgin olive oil and Turkish spices.

28 SR

Meat Hummus

Hummus topped with pan fried meat and pine seeds.

22 SR

Mix Pastries

Fried kibbeh, mean sambousec, Spinach fatayer, cheese rolls.

22 SR

Fried Kibbeh

Fresh beef mixed with onions bulgur and pine seeds and spices (4 pieces).

20 SR

Meat Sambosa

Fresh minced beef with onions and Turkish spices (4 spices).

16 SR

Spinach Sambosa

Fresh spinach mix with onions, tomatos, and fresh lemon juice (4 pieces).

16 SR

Cheese rolls

Mixture of cheeses with fresh parsley (4 pieces).

16 SR

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